I call on all humanity; I call on you, to step into service, to be Ambassadors to the Highest Good that we as human beings can embody. I challenge you to be and give the best of you always. To turn your head on selfish pride and power tripping ego, to embrace the strength of Grace and Goodness as the tools for creating change and conflict resolution. I dare you to let yourself be touched by the beauty of life that the walls around your heart dissolve and the entangled knots in your mind become undone so you can again meet life in innocence and trust. I dare you to muster the courage to take the time to unload all your fears and worries, to really test the validity of the claims they have convinced you of, and recognize the possible falseness they represent and the violence they perpetuate. Emotional fear is always the worst consultant.

I wish for you to feel and reconnect with the innate intelligence that governs the cycles of life, to connect to the natural laws of nature and remember that you are one with nature and subject to the same cycles and laws. There is enough science to validate that basic truth. There is enough science to validate that our thoughts affect reality. There are more than enough examples of human beings who have risen above tyranny, ego and fear to show it is possible to do so, that it’s not a pipedream or delusion, that we can change and create a better life and better world. There are enough books and teachings on empowerment, quantum physics, healing and human potential that have been read by millions of people, utilized and validated, that there is no excuse for there to still be so much victimization, intolerance, tyranny and violence in families, work places and government. We have the knowledge of what we need to do to help each other to create a healthy vibrant world. We know better now than ever before in human history, we need to turn that knowing into action.

It’s not enough to have only a handful of humanity being the examples that we look up to, who we turn into celebrities, applauding their greatness. That same greatness is a seed of potential in you waiting to be nourished to grow and flower through you. The world needs you to choose the world you want to create and do the work to make it happen. To be persistent, determined and committed to follow through with what’s needed to make it happen. Awaken from the numbing slumber of “assumptions and superficial ideas”, and go deeper, engage curiosity and wonder to see if you really do know what you think you know.

This is not a new message, but an ancient one that is still calling us to listen because we obviously haven’t yet, otherwise this world would be very different. Are you willing and ready to listen and rise to your highest and best potential as a human being?

There is no time for complacency anymore. Yes, it is hard at times, but that’s irrelevant, that it’s possible is what’s important to focus on. A Hawaiian principle called Makia- Focus, reflects this; where your attention goes, energy flows and that’s the reality that grows. That is a fact. Challenges and friction create the opportunity to grow, to stretch and expand ourselves beyond what we know and see to gain a vaster view.

We choose love or we choose hate. In every moment we make that choice in how we think about ourselves and others, and how we are in the world. Ask yourself, “…what would love do?”and use that as your compass to navigate when negativity would grab hold of you. Fear creates violence and fear will always come knocking, so will anger and every other emotion that brings us into our lower nature. But you see, you can choose to continue to let fear and its buddies in, or you can choose to say “.. you know what fear, I’ve bought what your selling for so long, and it never gives me what I need and want, and in fact, I always feel worse, so, I’m gonna have to say no thanks!” Then redirect your focus the other way to feel and recognize the goodness and love that is available to you in every moment, just a choice away. If other people can win this battle than so can you, again, there is no excuse, you are made of the same stuff and have the same opportunities inwardly as everyone else.

I remember reading about Viktor Frankl, a survivor from a concentration camp, who chose, even in that most horrific display of the absolute worst, darkest spectrum humanity could sink into, to see beauty and love, and come out of that experience still loving humanity. That blew my mind, and I said the same words to myself that I have written here, I have no excuse to not put every effort, of every moment into learning, healing and growing within myself to rise to that highest platform of what humanity is capable of.

There is no half way here, we either commit to go all the way, through the bumps and storms, holding our North, which is Love, strong and steady, or not at all. The journey is what counts. You will fall short many times, we all do, that’s part of the process, what matters is that you learn and grow, redirecting your course each time. This is not a journey of perfection; it’s a journey of participation. It’s a journey of evolution, growth and discovery.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to let your light shine in service to life and each other, to anchor joy on earth and bloom heaven in your hearts. Blessings to you, may your light and love grow beyond your wildest dreams.

And remember…

Love Always Prevails!!!