“The Best Time For New Beginnings is Now”

Since writing her first book: “Resilience, Grace, and the Art of Showing Up”, which became a #1 best seller on Amazon in 5 categories, Luannah Victoria Arana has been featured in numerous interviews and articles.

A collection of those is available here for you to listen and read. These interviews and articles can help to aquaint you with Luannah’s worldview and approach to healing and living.

Don’t forget to check out Luannah’s own podcast, “SoulSpective Reflections on Love, Life and the Personal Power to Transform Your Reality:

Luannah Arana joins the Tim Gillette Show

Tim Gillette is a Podcaster, Author, and Creator of “Simple Easy Marketing” who interviewed Luannah about her bestselling book on April 22, 2020 for his video podcast.

Luannah Arana - Free Healing Session with Kathy Mason

Luannah provided a healing session on Kathy Mason’s channel. Kathy Mason features well-known authors, leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, famous athletes, musicians, Olympic athletes, psychologists, psychiatrists, distinguished educators, and many more. She shares real guests with inspiring stories from across the globe and industries.

Resilience Summit 2022 Presentation

In March, 2022, the Resilience Initiative Summit invited Luannah to be a speaker and give a presentation on resilience and overcoming trauma.

Conscious Business Zone with Luannah Arana

Kathy Mason’s video podcast introduces thie audience to well-known authors, leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers who have struggled their ways to the top against all odds.

Read articles published on Sivana East:

The Remarkable Power of Gratitude To Transform Our Lives

“When we think of giving gratitude, we tend to immediately associate our sense of gratefulness with the good things in life that have benefited us and brought us joy, love, success and happiness. Gratitude, in our culture, tends to be in relationship to getting what we want or desire.”

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How To Cultivate Joy When the World Feels Like It Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket

Every era has had its challenges and momentums that have instilled a sense of overwhelm to world dangers and tragedies that  caused humanity to question life, temporarily lose hope and get tossed into a sea of fear and despair.

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The Story Board Of Life: Or So We Think

“We all have a story. A large repertoire of experiences that have created the definitions we give to life, people, situations and ourselves; our story board. This is our personal inner weaving of associated ideas, assumptions and attitudes serving to help us understand living.”

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Interview with Les Jensen on New Human Living Radio – April 8, 2020

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