More Information About Healing Modalities:

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

SRT is an effective and accurate healing technique that helps remove emotional and energetic blocks that hinder our fulfillment & happiness. Through the use of a pendulum and charts that act as a map of the subconscious and soul, we investigate and uncover buried patterns, imprints, programs, beliefs and stories that are having a blocking effect in our life. SRT sessions can be done in person or at distance.

HeartMath Coaching

I will teach you the HeartMath techniques as well as work with you with a workbook where we map out your inner world, what makes you go into a cycle of depletion such as depression & exhaustion, and what brings you into a state of vibrancy and renewal. We develop strategies for you to self regulate your emotions and build resilience in stressful moments. Can be done in person or over phone or zoom. The basic amount of sessions is 4 to teach you all the techniques.

Family Constellation Therapy

The Systemic Family Constellation Therapy approach views people as being embedded in, and influenced by larger systems, including but not limited to the family.

An unconscious love and loyalty to our family system can cause us to unwittingly carry on the fate, secret agonies, and unresolved traumas of previous generations. These issues can remain energetically present and entangle us, our children, and our grandchildren, until the issue is cleared. This is at the root of many of our current, resistant-to-change issues and is the profound contribution of this model.

Family Constellation Therapy Workshops can be helpful for those struggling with:

  • Relationship issues
  • Mental Health issues such as anxiety, depression, and addictions
  • Unresolved childhood pain and trauma
  • Painful life issues that are resistant to change, such as divorce and bankruptcy
  • Persistent physical health problems such as chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, cancer, chronic diseases, autism and many more
  • Families and corporations

Shamanic Hawaiian Healing Practices

Temple Style Lomi Lomi

is bodywork raised to spiritual healing. It is known by its incredible techniques for opening the joints of the body and deep flowing massage integrated with healing chants, dialogue and Shamanic energy work. It is a journey home to your essential self, creating a sense of deep wellness, clarity and love.

Ho’ oponopono Counseling

utilizes Hawaiian Principles to pierce through habits and belief systems that obscure the ability to direct your life clearly and dynamically. It engages your own inner wisdom to come to the surface to guide you to your unique answers and direction in life. It’s incredibly empowering and life affirming activating deep joy and happiness.

Ho’oponopono means ‘to make right’.
There are two practices of Ho’oponopono, one is Kalae which is for clearing and is focused on forgiveness. The other is Kuka Kuka which is about speaking straight truth, like a sharpened sword, slicing through the murkiness of mind traps and delusions, creating freedom and space for honesty and truth to emerge, through that right action can be recognized and acted upon.

Kahi Loha 

is a form of Shamanic energy work that supports you to reconnect with the elements of nature for healing. Kahi Loha means ‘Eternal Oneness’. It awakens the memory and embodied experience of our literal oneness with nature. it is recognized in Hawaiian culture that we are a part of nature. We are designed to live in union with nature, to be nourished and guided. All the life teachings we need can be found in the reflections of self that nature offers. It is understood that it is our separation, lack of union with nature, which is at the core of our human dysfunctions and pains. We are extremely disconnected. Kahi Loa is a process of working with the natural elements, within and without, to restore the sense of eternal oneness. It’s a journey of love.

Lomi Ha Breath

is Hawaiian Rebirthing, working with the breath to flush and clear held trauma and emotions from the body, opening the pathway to deep healing. Returning the body to a state of alkalinity is vital for healing both physically and spiritually, breath work is the best way to do that. You are guided in the Ha Breath to release and let go of physical tensions and emotional ‘tethering’. You really do feel reborn after this experience. 

Kalae wai – Clearing the Rivers

This focuses on the feet and legs, moving stagnant energy and calcification in the tissues and joints. Legs and feet represent how we stand in who we are in life, and how we move forward. Our feet and legs hold us upright, they are like the pillars holding up the temple, they are our foundation and it is common for there to be energetic buildup and stagnation in the legs. It is an incredibly revitalizing experience


Ho'oponopono Talk Story Counselling

Ho’oponopono is an ancient practice of conflict resolution and forgiveness that dates back to 254AD. Conflict is the key to most of our distress in our life, whether it is with ourselves or with others. Conflict has the potential to catalyze us to grow and learn about ourselves and eachother. You will learn new strategies how to encounter conflict with equanimity and love through sharing the depth of Ho’oponopono teachings and Hawaiian Healing Principles. Being Pono-genuine and truthful and becoming Kauna- congruent in ourselves, life and relationships, brings harmony and flow in such a way that conflict has very little if not no room to take over. There is great wisdom and power in how the Hawaiian Principles guide us how to be whole and sovereign beings.

There are 12 Key Healing Principles that underlay and build an inner foundation to be able to embody the practice of Ho’oponopono so that it is more than a practice but becomes a way of being and living that influences every area of your life to bring balance, peace and empowerment.

In our session together we will encounter one or more of these principles that feel most beneficial to you to shift and take your next best steps forward. I also offer an online 12 week online course that dives deeper into each principle that you can explore if so inspired. Just click The Aloha Method link above for more information.
Recently I was a guest speaker on building resilience at the International Resilience Summit. below is a link to my presentation where I share my approach to healing trauma with and through The Hawaiian Principles I share in my work with clients.

One of my favourite Hawaiian understandings is: “All wisdom does not come from one school.”

Through the framework of the Hawaiian Principles I weave together universal wisdoms from many schools of thought, science, psychology, religions and traditions that cross confirm and validate eachother, revealing that, as land can not be owned by anyone, neither can truth.
All teachings from around the world, at their core, come from the same universal wisdoms and laws from nature: Natural Law. We may have different ceremonies, practices and metaphors but they are all bringing us to the same source of truth underlying all creation. Once we see and experience this as true, we have the opportunity to expand beyond our own personal divisive dogmas that keep us stuck and encounter where we are unified, one, with and in this majestic and mysterious universe.

Connecting to a sense of place and purpose in ourselves, that is beyond ourselves is essential to healing. My healing is your healing and your healing is my healing. When we heal an aspect in ourselves it ripples to our families, our friends, our partners and at last to the collective humanity we are a part of.

Our healing journey is never just about us, when we think it is we get more stuck and stagnate. With Ho’oponopono this awareness of our unity and impact on the whole is awakened and nourished… we are empowered to grow, expand and thrive in ways we never imagined possible.

Healing Retreats

The retreats we offer are designed to deeply impact and shift you into the direction of your truest expression of you at your fullest potential, helping you create new movement wherever it is you feel you are experiencing being blocked or stuck in your life. If you are open and ready for change these retreats really deliver.

Being that they are personally customized retreats they are put together differently for everyone. The retreats are created to be very fluid. Healing is a creative process that can not be restricted by time, there needs to be flexibility to allow time to integrate and rest and choose the timing of each session based on the ‘readiness’ of your unique healing process. Therefore when you are here I am available to you from noon on each day to 7 pm for you to choose the timing of each session organically.

The basic cost is dependant on the suite you wish to stay in. Then you choose what sessions you would like to incorporate in the retreat. Minimum retreat time is 2 nights, 3 days.

Spiritual Restructuring Therapy

This therapy focuses on healing the physical body. It clears old patterns / memories from the cellular memory of the physical body for e.g. emotional stresses, old injuries, past-life memories & illness patterns that are causing physical stress, pain & discomfort in the here & now. The body can then realign itself to harmony & health.

The therapy uses dowsing and specialised healing charts, the work is guided by the clients Higher-Self (wisdom). It is very complementary to Spiritual Response Therapy.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Sound and frequency healing is becoming more popular and is recieving scientific recognition of the restorative impact it has on our body. The resonance of Crystal Bowls, Native Flute, Chimes, Drums, and more will carry you away into a magical and profound space of peace and harmony.

Expressive Dance & Therapeutic Movement Classes

This one-to-one movement class will invigorate your soul and self-expression. All ancient cultures used music and dance to express and liberate themselves in times of change and to connect to God/Spirit. When you dance your mind slows down and you get back into your body. This balancaes the brain and releases healing endorphins that nourish you deeply.

The SoulSpectives™ Institute was created to Empower YOU to feel fully Alive and Present in this Beautiful Life.

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