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The SoulSpectives™ Institute was created to Empower YOU to feel fully Alive and Present in this Beautiful Life.

New Offering:

Ignite Your Soul’s Purpose – R.I.S.E U.P


Join the RISE UP Challenge for a transformative six-hour training designed to dismantle the fears, patterns, and habits that keep you stuck.

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SoulSpectives Institute

R.I.S.E U.P 1-1 Coaching Package

Gain a broader view of yourself and life from the vantage point of your Soul, to R.I.S.E U.P and embody a new momentum of personal growth and transformation towards living the life of your dreams.

SoulSpectives Institute

Resolve Conflict and Cultivate Inner Peace With Ho'oponopono

In this video webinar I will share with you the ancient conflict resolution practice of Hawaii called Ho’oponopono- Making Right More Right, that my Kahuna Elder taught and initiated me in as Teacher and Healer.

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Re-Write Your Story: Bring Your Dreams To Life!

Break through your glass ceiling of limiting beliefs and subconscious self sabotage patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy!

Cultivating Balance and Harmony to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

A summary about the course is coming soon…

The Aloha Method™

A summary about the course is coming soon…

About Your Instructor

Aloha, I’m Luannah

For me, life is an extraordinary adventure of exploration and discovery. I see challenges and adversity as being the source of our greatest possibilities that activate our creativity and intelligence to grow.

The SoulSpectives™ Institute was born out of quiet moments of reflection by the ocean. The awareness came that to live spiritually we require an understanding of our biology and nervous system to heal from trauma. The word SoulSpectives came in that moment as a message from the universe as a way of uniting Ho’onopono with other healing traditions from around the world, creating a personal evolution of these sacred teachings.

The Mission of the SoulSpectives™ Institute is to educate and empower individuals to access the innate capacity they have to transform and effect lasting change in their lives.

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