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It’s Time to Break Through the Fog

You’re tired of looping in old patterns that are taking you further away from where you want to be, and you’re ready to step forward into the greater potential and loving connection that you intuitively KNOW is waiting for you.

You’ve put so much time and effort into your healing journey already and you’re frustrated, and really ready for things to change.

You, my friend, are in the right place. 

You’re ready to transform your life into one of health, abundance, and ease.

You’re ready to bring your Purpose to life.

You just need someone who knows how to help you break through to your next level.

The Mission of the SoulSpectives™ Institute is to educate and empower individuals to access the innate capacity they have to transform and effect lasting change in their lives.

The SoulSpectives™ Approach

SoulSpectives reflects the culmination and convergence of Universal principles plus a lifetime of teachings and initiations, strongly defined through traditional Hawaiian principles.

The Hawaiian principle “Kala” refers to the freedom and value of bringing together the important teachings from around the world, understanding that not all wisdom comes from one school.

In this way, SoulSpectives provides a container or ‘vessel’ for a comprehensive collection of teachings from around the world, all which interact harmoniously to create a congruent system for living, practicing, and evolving in this world.

Soulspectives offers a personal transformation practice enabling you to find your own answers, by tuning into insight from the higher perspective of your Soul.

Seeing life through a SoulSpective lens allows you to rise above the noise of your mind’s patterns, beliefs and perceptions that keep you stuck and in conflict so you can finally cultivate the peace, balance and harmony you long for.

(verb) To see oneself and life through the vantage point of the Soul.

The immaterial essence and animating principle cause of an individual life. (Germanic)

To see. (Latin origin)

The part of man that connects and communicates with God. (Greek origin)

(verb) The Prime Mover, The Action Force of Creation, Supreme Intelligence. The All, the Souce, and the Divine Mind.

What We Do

We provide a link between biology and spirit to help you find your place in the world and improve your health, your relationships, and your connection to your innate intuitive knowing.

We give you tools and techniques you can immediately implement in your life to achieve lasting transformation.

You can work with us virtually or in person. We will assist you individually or in a supportive group setting, or start with a SoulSpectives Institute online course.


Luannah has been an absolute gift.

After struggling with some traumatic events in my life and after seeking help through other therapists, friends and family I was able to truly find the resolution and peace I was looking for in Luannah.

Her compassion and empathy helped guide me to clarity and confidence that I was unable to reach until my coaching sessions with her. In the future, should any event, trauma, or conflict come up that needs guidance I would always come back to and trust wholeheartedly SoulSpectives Coaching. 

Grateful beyond words.

~ Sherylea Hurst

SoulSpectives™ teaches you to:

  • Rise above the limits of our minds perception, stories and beliefs.
  • Tap into guidance and purpose beyond anything that we think we know.
  • Tune in to activate your soul to unlock Universal wisdom and insights.
  • Discover how science, spirit and soul has laid out a pathway to inner freedom, happiness, and prosperity.
  • Enter the field of Soul Consciousness where all Truth exists and all answers already reside within.
  • Create spaciousness in your reality to allow the necessary room for new opportunities and blessings.


SoulSpectives™ Institute was founded by healer, entrepreneur, creator of The Aloha Method™ and best-selling author Luannah Victoria Arana.

Luannah’s journey of personal transformation began in her youth, bringing her to travel around the world. She explored various traditions, philosophies and religions long before such journeys became normal or trendy.

Luannah’s practice and teachings are the culmination of several thousand hours of training, apprenticeship, and hand-on healing work across 30 years to well over 8000 clients.

She is a student of life and her lived experience is a testament that we can grow and heal beyond trauma to live a happy and fulfilling life.


Breadth of Skill and Knowledge

I have seen Luannah over a period of 15 years. Her ability to create and hold a healing space is a solid foundation for her practice. Luannah’s open heart and breadth of skill and knowledge make her support invaluable to my personal growth. She is a woman bravely transforming herself and supporting others to transform suffering into light. I’m forever thankful.

~ Tesa Cournoyer

The SoulSpectives™ Institute was created to Empower YOU to feel fully Alive and Present in this Beautiful Life.

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