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Serenity By The Sea Healing Retreats

Ready to dive deep?

Are you looking to transform and transcend beliefs and patterns that are no longer useful in creating the life you long to live?

I have the tools, experience & expertise to help you achieve that goal.

What does it mean to dive deep?
In order to change a pattern or limiting belief system we are required to uncover what created the patterns and coping beliefs in the first place.

Knowledge is power, but to gain that power we have to go deeper into ourselves than ever before to get to the roots of our dysfunctions, and we all have them. We all have buried pains and traumas that caused us to armour ourselves in some way to protect us from being hurt again, we hoped. But those patterns actually block us from living fully.

These armoured patterns also sometimes flare up as harsh reactions and violence towards ourselves and others. We get highjacked by these unhealed parts of us and are left feeling confused about why we react that way, but we just brush it off as a mood or a bad moment, not realizing how much deeper it actually goes.

Science discovered that our choices and actions are 95% ruled by our subconscious “hard drive”. That is quite daunting to realize we only have 5% control. What that means is that our conscious thinking processes are heavily influenced by our subconscious, which begs the question, how and why do I think and perceive as I do? What other options are there? And, how do I gain more creative control so that I am consciously choosing my responses rather than reacting the same, dysfunctional way, every time I am triggered?

There are many other options of perception and action available to us in every moment, but our limited beliefs anchored deep in our psyche, that were formed before we had the capacity to discern and sort experiences and information, take over and create the narratives we believe about ourselves, others and the world. And because they were established to protect us and keep us safe, we have great resistance to letting them go and embracing change.

Going deep means I am willing to be vulnerable, put down my armour, question the stories and interpretations of life that I have been living by, that get in the way of me thriving and living in joy. Then, I cultivate understanding of the patterns, how they have served me until now and how they are no longer useful to create the life I long for. Finally, I then choose new patterns and beliefs that are useful to my healing and evolution.

That is going deep. This is the healing process I offer here at Serenity by the Sea. The process of inner inquiry and healing initiates sustainable transformation.

As in Quantum Physics, the moment an object is observed it is no longer the same as it was before the observation. We bring what is in the darkness to the light. A mind stretched beyond it’s original capacity can and will never go back to what it was before new insight and awareness was attained. You will receive guidance and practical life skills and tools to bring into your everyday life that will support you creating your inner most soul driven dreams.

When we clear old traumas, patterns and programs that create interference with our Abundance, Health, Happiness and living the highest expression of ourselves, space is created within and around us to explore and create a new.

If you are willing and ready to go deep, drop your formed persona, patterns and armour that protects you, you are willing to be vulnerable and author your life with clear intention and purpose, welcome to Serenity Retreats. It may seem a bit scary, but only to our protective ego, that has served us the best way it has known till now. To our soul that is seeking full expression and space to be, it is a call to freedom.

The retreats shown below are examples of retreats designed to go in deep, to go to the core of whatever patterns or challenges you want to address to transform and heal. You can choose one of those or customize your own. Depending on what you want to experience the prices of the retreats vary. You can contact me for a consultation to see what we can create for you.

I am committed to facilitating deep lasting healing and change.

You will leave feeling like a different person then when you came, and you will have learned life tools that will be with you for the rest of your life.

You can do a one, two, three, or more, days retreat. Of course the longer retreats will bring more, but even the one day can initiate the process of transformation in a powerful way.

Ho’oponopono Healing Retreat

Focuses on the ancient Forgiveness practice of Hawaii to cultivate understanding of residue trauma and conflict that is still locked in the body, releasing it and rebuilding our connection to our innate self with love, sharing of the Key Healing Principles of Hawaii on Empowerment and Sovereignty to navigate your inner and outer world with greater clarity, peace and harmony.

​Lomi Lomi Retreat

We will dive in to the Spirit of Aloha! Pure Lomi Lomi. There will be more bodywork and massage in this retreat as we open your body in every joint & every muscle to increase the flow of Mana- Life-force in your body so your soul can open and evolve and rest deeply in your body. It is said that when we have experienced trauma our soul doesn’t fully embody. As in Shamanic practices called Soul Retrieval, we will help release the trauma charges in the body so you can embody yourself fully.
In PTSD terms Soul Retrieval would be called Fragmentation of Self or Disassociation. These terms and the definition of Soul Retrieval describe the state of being disconnected from the wholeness ‘us’.

When we are not integrated in our wholeness we are vulnerable and often lack confidence and a sense of safety in the world to be who we are. The message of Lomi Lomi is- You are enough as you are. Always have been, always will be. You will feel and know that at the end of this retreat.

Couples Retreat

This​ will follow a similar flow and process. My husband Juan Carlos provides Men’s Life Coaching as well, being a man who has mastered his inner world and overcome many life challenges related to being a man, he has marvellous insight and is able to hold space and provide a man’s experience and perspective. This richens and brings balance in the process. You will each have individual sessions and together.

Working Woman’s Weekend Retreat

Focuses on teaching HeartMath skills and tools to better navigate stress, strengthen resilience, and ways to become more energy efficient. Healing sessions are included to set your body into rest and repair mode’ where healing, happy endorphins flow and adrenalin and cortisol levels can diminish and clear. This retreat can be for two or more days depending on what you are looking for.

Healers In Need Of Healing Retreat

Focuses on creating space to unload and release held energies in the body and teaching skills through Traditional Hawaiian Healing Techniques and Hawaiian Mastery Life Coaching. I will teach you Energy Clearing and Boosting Techniques. Also tools to process and navigate your own energy and the energies that you are exposed to in working with others.

Healing Retreat Testimonials

“After struggling with depression and PTSD from childhood trauma and repeatedly falling down and failing, with traditional therapies and counselling not helping, I started looking for options, and found Luannah while researching retreats.

We exchanged a few long emails, me telling her my long story while she thoughtfully attempted to lead me to important and meaningful insights which I was reticent to accept and pushed back and actually cancelled a two day retreat as I was too deep into my despair to see the light and didn’t believe anything could possibly help. She would send me life affirming quotes and I would be grateful but also have this feeling of oh man how did I get to this point in my life where life affirming quotes are incredibly helpful and to have someone send me an email with a quote and a sunset is actually helping me get through this day.

A few months went by from when I cancelled and as you can imagine things got much worse my job, my relationships, my health started to suffer. I was at rock bottom again…

Then the fog started to lift thanks to modern medicine but I was still in so much spiritual and psychological pain still spinning the same unhelpful soundtrack and I wasn’t moving forward. I realized how the self punishment and patterns from my developmental years were holding me back creating the same unhelpful and painful present and future over and over again along my path. Creating the chaos I longed to escape as a child in all my relationships. Keeping me stuck and making me sick.

I decided it was time to take a big step and meet with luannah and I am so grateful that I did for a two half day retreat.

Through luannah’s combination of life coaching, counselling, Hawaiian healing philosophy, expert reflexology, lomi lomi massage along with her personal insight, compassion and guidance, she has helped to create the spiritual space I needed for my healing to take root, provided me with tools to help me live in the present and hopefully build a bright future. I’m ready to move forward and do my best every day.

I feel that spending time with luannah has shifted things for me in the way that traditional medicine and counselling has been unable to help with.

The retreat I experienced these past few days is something I would recommend to anyone in need of recharging their batteries to those in need of deep restorative healing, with luannah you will be in good hands while truly relaxing on a beautiful island.”


Vancouver BC

“Luannah’s energy work and healing touch were restorative on so many levels it’s hard to know where to begin. Through the initial use of massage and biosonic tuning forks, Luannah helped to release deep pockets of physical and psychological pain that I could no longer contain.

Through the profound Crystal Singing Bowl session that followed, and through ongoing bodywork and breathwork, I have felt my soul vibrate and levitate, blessed by Luannahs sacred song and counsel.
Luannah’s deep connection to divinity is absolutely tangible upon meeting her. Her generosity of spirit and warm light is a gift with each visit.

I am so grateful for her understanding, her humour, her love and her teachings. The manifestation of joy and happiness she’s helped me to foster in my own life has been simply astounding! Mahalo!”

Liza M.

“I felt an immediate connection to Luannah and quickly trusted her that I could open up to my most inner feelings and inadequacies without worrying about any judgment. I found the Hawaiian principles that she introduced resonated with my belief system which has caused me to explore that path more. She exhibits a very rare passion and devotion to sharing her gifts.”

Corinne C.

“Luannah is the ‘real thing’! She brings passion and joy to her work and transmits it wonderfully through her counseling and massage. A Lomi Lomi massage with Luannah focuses on the integration of body, mind, and spirit. I left feeling revitalized and with a new perspective on dealing with the stressors in my life. Thank you Luannah!”

Hilde C.


More Information About Coaching:

Ho'oponopono Life Coaching and HeartMath

Living in boundless love and joy is a possibility and a choice we can make every moment to live our life wildly vibrant and creative beyond measure. This does not mean we no longer have challenges, it means we go deeper than the surface appearance of things and choose to meet and utilize those challenges as opportunities to create more joy and love through becoming more self aware and conscious individuals. We can become inner alchemists, transmuting and transforming the crude raw elements of experience to the refined radiance of wisdom. “The ore in the fire feels itself unfairly treated, but the pure gold looking back knows better!”

 The teachings of Hawaii and the techniques of HeartMath are very powerful in enabling rapid shifts in consciousness and healing on all levels.

The complete HeartMath process requires 4 sessions to teach you all the techniques. I always integrate a bit of the Hawaiian Teachings in HeartMath Sessions. They compliment eachother magnificently!

​The Ho’oponopono Counselling focuses on the Hawaiian Teachings and Principles only.

Both practices will engage your beliefs and survival mechanisms that sabotage and keep you from living your full potential, and teach you how to shift and transform habits that keep you stuck in the same repetitive cycles.

 We will gently crack and open the shell that locks you into patterns that don’t serve your higher expression of yourself. 
This will gradually bring you to a state of Kauna, Hawaiian word for congruency, where all of you is in alignment. What you say, think, feel and do are in total alignment. That is where true happiness comes from. When we are Kauna, life becomes effortless in that we are able to flow and navigate rather than fight and resist, that is when deep healing can happen. 

The word healing means to restore to original wholeness and integrity. All the modalities I offer are for that purpose, to help bring you back into harmonious alignment with the world around you and within.

We are all genetically wired to thrive, that is the nature of nature.  I love using the metaphor of an inner garden for nature is our truest reflection of who and what we are. If we are not thriving then its clear there are elements of some kind polluting our inner garden. Like when we eat junk food and are physically weakened, whatever is polluting our heart and mind, negative thoughts or memories for example, weakens us and leaves us feeling futile to use what we do know to create change. This then opens the door to depression and deep despair and we enter what feels like an endless loop of disappointment, pain and sadness. It is possible however to get out of that loop. It just takes constant effort and willingness to heal and grow. 

In this work we will till your inner fields, balance your PH, bringing you back into an alkaline state, literally and metaphorically, so that your original blueprint for thriving is activated and strengthened. You will be given the tools you need to maintain and continually enhance your inner garden so you can bloom in total beauty and joy beyond your wildest dreams. Its pure physics, it’s the law of nature. What I share with you will change your life when you apply yourself and use it. 

When we realize and understand that without the catalyst of ‘life challenges’, that we tend to call problems,there would be no evolution, no creativity, that we would never come truly alive, is when we take a leap from feeling like a victim of circumstance to moving towards mastering and creating our lives instead.
 One of the biggest misinformed ideas we have inherited in the western world, that, generally makes our lives miserable, is the idea that life should always come easy, like being on vacation for our whole life, and if its not, that it means we are doing something wrong. Another one is the belief that depression, sadness, anger and frustration aren’t natural and necessary emotions. They are. They are indicators if we are living congruent with our joy, passion and purpose or not. Those states help us to know ourselves, those emotional states are there to  motivate us to grow and expand who we are, beyond where we are. The belief that its not natural creates a split in us, where we exile the ‘undesirable’ feelings, which then causes us to suppress and deny vital elements of our human experience and existence.

Even in nature there is chaos and conflict which precedes new growth and evolution. We are nature. It is our disconnect from that fact that has alienated us from the deeper governing laws of the universe that, once we know them, can be a source of refuge and great strength and insight into how to navigate the ever changing tides of our lives with greater ease rather than strife.

So, if you are at that stage where you know you have the power within you, but need some support and tools to help you, and you are ready to eradicate feelings of being a victim or feeling at the mercy to the states that immobilize you, then this work will serve you well. I am here to empower your sovereignty and your confidence in claiming your personal authority in your life to create the life you long to live. There is nothing more I love to do and experience than sharing what I have to share and watching the lights go on and seeing the caterpillar turn to the butterfly and watching you take off in flight. 

Your are the power. Learn to access and use it, and you will be amazed!

The Results You Can Count On

Being an incredibly independent person myself, I am committed to give you the tools and support you want in order to take hold and be the captain of your ship/life. Though I will always welcome continued work if that is what you want after the initial sessions, this work is designed so that you are not tethered to the idea of needing someone outside yourself to help. We always need new flows of thought and engagement to bring us to the next level, that is what a coach/healer offers, but it is vitally important to not create a dependency on the coach or healer. This is all about you becoming self reliant and sovereign.

You will acquire the tools and abilities you need to: 

  • practice HeartMath Techniques to create a new baseline in your nervous system so you can navigate stress with greater ease
  • rise out of the crippling effects of depression and anxiety
  • harness the power of the paradox, be freed from the tyranny of duality
  • resolve and clear conflict within and without yourself effectively and           easily
  • be totally empowered in your life and what you choose to create
  • create and live in boundless joy and love
  • gain self mastery over your mind and emotions
  • release the weight of old grief and pain, creating space for more love  and   grace to flow effortlessly
  • restore your innate harmonious relationship to yourself, life and nature

We can do sessions in person over the phone or with Zoom.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Wishing you Beauty, Love and Grace to lead you on! I look forward to connecting.

The SoulSpectives™ Institute was created to Empower YOU to feel fully Alive and Present in this Beautiful Life.

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