Transform Pain Into Purpose and Power

Learn the 3 Essential Inner Practices to Alchemize Pain into Wisdom to Awaken Your Soul… Live Your True Essence!

With Luannah Victoria Arana: Mentor, Teacher & Best Selling Author

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Tap Into Your Power of Presence

In order to affect change and transformation in any area of our life, we need to be 100% present to the moment we are in. We need to drop our projections of past and future to be here now.

Unless we are present to what is, and accept what is in the moment, as it is, we have no power to change anything.

Most often though, to avoid temporary discomfort, we smooth over our reality, getting tangled in denial coping mechanisms that keep us stuck and unable to change.

This is a major block that keeps us stuck where we are. We need tools and strategies to keep us present.


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Uncover Hidden Patterns and Beliefs

Once you are 100% present, now you have the capacity to observe and identify subconscious belifs and patterns that are getting in the way of creating the life you want to live.

With awareness comes leverage to pivot.

It is said that 95% of our conscious choices are directed by our subconscious mind. That means only 5% of our choices are consciously intentional!

In order to change our life, to live the life we long to live,  we need to make what is unconscious conscious to consciousness.


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Heal Inner Wounds With Self Love

Learning to know and love oneself, warts and all, is so important.

We are most often harder on ourselves than anyone else when we discover our ‘flaws and weaknesses’.

This is why we avoid being present with what is, and we too often rest in the comfort of denial.

Because our limbic brain is hard wired to avoid discomfort yet run towards pleasure, and can even percieve simple discomfort as a threat, we really have to put  a lot of effort through new actions to overcome this self protection mechanism.

We have to learn how to go against the gravity of these habits and patterns to at last free ourselves. 


Luannah Has Been An Absolute Gift

After struggling with some traumatic events in my life and after seeking help through other therapists, friends and family I was able to truly find the resolution and peace I was looking for in Luannah.


Her compassion and empathy helped guide me to clarity and confidence that I was unable to reach until my coaching sessions with her. In the future, should any event, trauma, or conflict come up that needs guidance I would always come back to and trust wholeheartedly SoulSpectives Coaching.

Grateful beyond words.

~ Sherylea Hurst

This Event is Right On Time for You if:

You are tired of reliving and repeating the same patterns and results that block your authentic self and potential

You are sooo ready for  transformation that you are willing to be temporarily uncomfortable, to create lasting change in you life

You want to be the Director of your Destiny, becoming a conscious co-creator of you life in alignment with your Soul

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About Your Facilitator

Hi, I’m Luannah and I look forward to meeting you and perhaps even working with you.

One of the main driving forces in my life that led me to this path of personal transformation early on in my life was a lot of family trauma and conflict. I experienced a deep need to make sense of the life I was living and I wanted to understand myself and my family better.

The other reason was that I always had curiosity about the deeper meaning of life and was an eager explorer of meditation, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, religion, you name it since my pre-teens. Anything to do with understanding life, and my place in it, I gobbled it up!

This curiosity brought me to travel around the world starting at age 18, looking to different cultures and philosophy’s to feed my hunger to know myself so I could heal my traumas and learn to navigate life as my true whole self.

When we have experienced trauma, which can be as ‘small’ as simply being teased and diminished in our childhood, which led us to shut down and protect a vital part of our true essence, or, more consistent  and extreme trauma such as emotional and physical abuse, we fragment and dissociate and fragment away from our true essence. to survive.

As one of my favourite sayings around trauma goes ” Whether you were chased by a bunny rabbit or a tiger over the cliff, you still fell and got broken.” Referring that we can not compare the causes of trauma. It is the effect that needs recognition in order to heal.

I found that spirituality and motivation strategies on their own were not enough to help me heal. I also needed to understand the science of my biology and trauma before I had some actual inner leverage to heal and transform my life. Which I have.

For this reason everything I teach and share is an integration, Science and Soul, working together to Transform our Pain into Purpose and Power.


Natural Healer

Luannah is a natural healer with an awakened heart. I am forever grateful for Luannah’s kindness and wisdom. I highly recommend Luannah to anyone who needs help and even more so to anyone on the path of self exploration. Thank you Luannah!

~ Sarah F

What You’ll Learn

In this workshop you will learn to understand and rewire your biology with a simple yet effective technique to put you in the drivers seat of creating your life.

You will learn how to meet the moment, be fully present, to your power to affect your life with clarity and confidence

You will intentionally create a new inner foundation and momentum of inner mastery and freedom.

You will learn how to interupt and override patterns, beliefs and perception that keep you going in circles

You will learn the tools to evolve forward into greater balance and coherency in life.




Immediate Connection and Trust

I felt an immediate connection to Luannah and quickly trusted her that I could open up to my most inner feelings and inadequacies without worrying about any judgment. I found the Hawaiian principles that she introduced resonated with my belief system which has caused me to explore that path more. She exhibits a very rare passion and devotion to sharing her gifts.

~ Corinne C.